Nordic webinar – Flax in a sustainable perspective

Nordic webinar - Flax in a sustainable perspective

March 18, 2024

Nordic webinar - Flax in a sustainable perspective


18. March 2024

Time: 17-18.30 / Iceland

18-19.30 / Norway, Sweden, Denmark

19-20.30 / Finland, Estonia


Short statements from each country/organization

“How about sustainability in our collaborative countries?”


Lecture by Johanne Stenstrup /author “Klæd dig bedre”, blogger ”Bedre Mode”

“Nature’s super fiber to the climate crisis “

Flax is known for its ability to grow in many different climatic conditions and requires minimal water, pesticides, and fertilizers, but is it always grown gently? We dive into the fascinating world of flax and explore how it can be nature’s and wardrobe’s answer to a perfect fiber for the climate crisis. A closer look at flax’s sustainability and evaluate whether it lives up to its reputation as an environmentally friendly textile fiber.


Lecture by Nina Alsborn 

Nina Alsborn will talk about the organization Fibershed Nordenfjeldske and their work on sustainability and textile fibers in a wide perspective. Nordenfjeldske Fibershed’s aim is to become an active player and partner in research and development projects linked to regional and local raw material and textile production. Through our members, we want to represent the entire value chain from raw materials to finished products. We participate as a partner in the inter national research project Amazing Grazing, which is led by NIBIO Tingvoll (Norwe gian Institute for Bioeconomy Research).


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