Seminar on traditional costumes in Norway

Seminar on traditional costumes in Norway

October 28, 2024 October 29, 2024

The seminar on traditional costumes consists of two days of inspiration, interesting lectures, activities and a festive dinner  October 28.-29. 2024. The gathering is a collaboration between Norway's Youth Association, The Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association, the Norwegian Folk Costume Forum, the Norwegian Institute for Bunad and Folk Costume, The Association for Studies of Culture and Tradition.

Tickets will be available in late summer.

Theme: From the big world to Norwegian villages: Fashion impulses
How have foreign impulses left their mark on Norwegian folk costumes? How was the contact with the outside world? Where did the impulses come from, and how were they received in the Norwegian villages?

Welcome to exciting lectures, practical courses, garment analysis and much more.

Thon Hotel Vettre
Konglungveien 201
Vettre, 1392

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